Managed BTC/USD and LTC/USD Currency Pair Trading

Is it for you?

Customers who want to invest in bitcoin activly but don't have the know how to trade on there own can choose this option. Customers will recive a monthly divident on profits made. If no profits are made there will be no dividend credited. This option is riskier than other investment options, however, there is the potential for extreamly high gains. This plan can be custom tailored to client needs based on there risk appitite and investment goals.


  • Minimum Investment: $250
  • Margin Ratio: 3.3:1
  • Spread: Low-Medium
  • Can trade in bitcoin or litecoin.
  • Trade desk runs from 9:00AM to 5:00PM PST Monday to Friday
  • Max loss per opened position is 2%

  • Rates and Fees

  • Setup Fee: 2%
  • Trading Fee: 20% on profit(Fee is only taken if there was a profit generated that month. No fee will be charged if there is no profit made.)

  • How to Purchase

    If you already have an investment account, call your broker and they will set it up. If not please call our Trade Desk at 604-845-5526 to apply for an account.

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    Product only avalible in Canada.