Starting a revolution one coin at a time.

Bitcoin, one of the most technologically revolutionary projects of our time. The creator of Paradox BTC first heard of bitcoin in 10th grade. Being interested in programming he started researching, and was amazed. Playing around with exchanges and trade websites he noticed one critical flaw. Getting fiat Dollars into and out of exchanges was very difficult and carried astronomical fees. People also did no know what bitcoin was, and did not understand it. Meet Paradox BTC, our mission is to allow people to trade freely without the hassle of getting cash in and out of an account. You also never have to worry about leaving funds in a website that could be taken down. Because exchange takes place face to face you never have to worry about your account getting hacked. We are the only physical exchange that will also exchange precious metals for fiat and bitcoin. Paradox BTC also provides a way for people who want to learn more about bitcoin with information. This allows businesses that want to implement bitcoin a way to get more information on how to start accepting it, and qualified personal to install the systems necessary.

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Meet our team.

Our team of experts will drive you and your business forward.

Kevin Humphrey: Founder, CEO

Kevin Humphrey has been passionate about computers his entire life. He started his first computer software company in grade 8 with a few friends. This is what evolved into Qsoft Studios. After hearing about bitcoin Paradox BTC was born. Kevin has experience in computer programming, web design, marketing, electrical engineering and prototyping, network engineering, computer systems engineering, finance, parallel clustering, accounting, investing, software engineering, and much more! He has a very strong passion for bitcoin and wants to see and help it become more mainstream. Kevin co-founded Paradox BTC along with Levi Sprangers when he noticed there was no way for people to get information about the currency in the Fraser Valley. Web exchanges also had there number of flaws with getting fiat in and out of the exchange. feel free to contact him here.

Kevin Humphrey